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Optical Modification Services

Let us service your needs.

  • Need to make a deadline but off-the-shelf doesn't have exactly what you need?
  • Do off-the-shelf supplier lead times for modifications not meet your deadline?
  • Don't know where to start?

We can help.

We are your favorite optical manufacturer. We modify in-stock finished components, customer supplied material, and off-the-shelf components to help you meet your deadline. If you don't know exactly what you need shoot us an email and we'll help you find your answers.

We also provide the following custom finishing services:

Core Drilling: Precision coredrilling holding OD & ID tolerances to 0.001".
Sawing / Dicing: Precision sawing with cuts widths of 0.020".
Edging / Centration: Centration kept to < 1 arc minute
Grinding: Roughed finished surfaces services to < 9µm
Polishing: Refinishing services up to 10-5 Laser Quality and /20.
Generating Radius accuracy to < 10% on rough finish; greater accuracy is achieved when followed by
Grinding/Polishing Milling: Rough finish accuracy to < 5 arc seconds