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Lightpipe (Optical Homogenizer)

Opto-Mechanical Assemblies to Build-to-Print Opto-Mechanical AssembliesCommonly known as a lightpipe, these long thin optical rods typically have plano lengths that create a variety of enterance and exit face shapes.  Most common are sqaure, rectangular or octogonal.  Some other common names for a lightpipe are integrator rod, light homogenizer, homogenizing rod, light pipe homogenzier, optical homogenizer, light pipe homogenizing rods or waveguide.

 An optical homogenizer provides highly uniform or homogenized illumination.  Through TIR (total internal reflection), a lightpipe can transform the input of non-uniform light sources into highly uniform (homogenized) light.  Our expertise in manufacturing rectangular, tapered and octagonal lightpipes with extreme tolerance requirements in Scratch-Dig, Surface Figure, Chip and parallelism has allowed us to become the premier lightpipe vendor for some of the world's most demanding applications.  Many of our customers maximize their throughput by combining our lightpipes with one of our AR coating designs or come to us with a customized requirement for their applications.  Click here to request a quote for a light pipe homogenizer.