Precision from every angle.

About ios Optics

For over 35 years, ios Optics has been manufacturing custom precision optical components, opto-mechanical assemblies and optical coatings that comply with the market's demand on mechanical dimensions, angles, and surface finishes. We have pushed the limits as the markets have evolved and consistently delivered the services required.

Mission Statement

We provide our customers the highest quality optical products without price compromise.

Competitive Advantage

The ios Optics competitive advantage stems from our service oriented culture and nearly 40 years of fabrication experience. We provide our customers superior value because we have:

  • Quick turnaround for your most demanding projects
  • Appointed teams to assist you with prototype and quick turnaround projects
  • Dedicated programs for customers moving from prototype through to full production
  • Assigned systems engineers devoted to resolving manufacturing issues
  • Customized production including ability to deliver any/all of the following: raw materials, fabrication, coating, assemblies and testing
  • Contracted projects including low volume/one-off orders through to high volume mass production
  • Developed in-house precision tooling service for new products and/or specifications
  • Experienced senior management - over 160 combined years in the optics industry
  • Skilled production staff-averaging 15 years in manufacturing optics

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Manufacturing Spectrum

  Life Sciences Avionics Laser Research + Scientific Semiconductor Solar Test + Measurement
Bandpass filters X   X X      
Beam amplification     X X   X  
Beam analysis       X     X
Beam delivery system     X X      
Beam detection system X     X     X
Beam manipulation     X X X X  
Beam profile     X X   X  
Beam reflectance system X X   X     X
Calibration     X X      
Calibration filters X     X X   X
Calibration systems X     X X   X
Detector standards X X   X     X
Hot & cold mirrors X     X X   X
Infrared imaging   X   X      
Laser line filters X   X X X    
Navigation control   X   X      
NDF (Neutral Density Filters) X X X X      
Opto-mechanical subassembly X   X X X   X
R&D/Prototyping fabrication services X X X X X X X
Spectral imaging and synthesis X     X      
Spectral irradiance &
X     X   X  
Spectral radiance &
X     X   X  

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Specification Spectrum

Angle: < 10 arc seconds
Centration: <1 arc minute
Diameter: <1mm to 500mm
Flatness: Up to /20
Parallelism: <1 arc second
Surface Quality: 80-50 commercial to 10-5 Laser Quality

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Associations + Accreditations

              SPIE Photonics West Better Business Bureau OSA

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Founded in 1974 ios Optics, then OpticFab, produced a single product: beams splitter cubes, in the back of a machine shop in Palo Alto. Shortly thereafter, they moved to a barren 1,000 sq. ft. shop in Santa Clara. In 1980, the company was purchased by former Spectra Physics manufacturing engineer Douglas Fitzpatrick who grew the company by increasing the product and service offerings over the next three decades.

Today, the company is known as an industry leader in custom precision optics and occupies a two acre lot just a half mile away from its humble beginnings. Although the size of the company has changed - the character has not. Our team members are experts in the optics industry and possess a true passion for the precision optical products they produce. Our management team is comprised of industry veterans having worked on thousands of projects; this experience provides a deep understanding of the industries we serve.

ios Optics distinguishes itself from the competition by consistently anticipating and responding to the needs of its customers. We are both a supplier and a partner committed to the long term success of our clients.

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1974 - 1990:

1974: OpticFab is founded by Michael Forten formerly of Spectra Physics
1978: Douglas Fitzpatrick formerly of Texas Instruments and Spectra Physics becomes a principle of OpticFab
1980: Michael Forten leaves OpticFab; Douglas Fitzpatrick leads OpticFab to great endeavors.
Takes part in the explosion of semiconductor industry by providing integrated precision optics in technical lasers, instrumentation and devices used in manufacturing semiconductor products
1982: Expand to occupy a total of four adjacent units, a total of 5,000 sqft; the crew can breathe again!
1984: Add first non-technical employee, a sales person
1985: Crew gets restless during breaks; purchase first Ping-Pong table
1988: August 15th 1988: Integrated Optical Services Corporation is established, becomes commonly known as I.O.S.

1991 - 2000:

1991: I.O.S. adds coating capabilities to broaden its services
1994: I.O.S. expands and moves to occupy 12,000 sqft at 291 Sinclair Frontage Road in Milpitas, CA
I.O.S. purchases Zygo laser interferometer to enhance capabilities
1995: I.O.S. responds to customer needs and purchases additional coating equipment
1997: I.O.S. continues to support the semiconductor industry through the boom and shatters its record books

2001 - 2010:

2002: I.O.S. acquires Taganas Optics; gain more machinery and capabilities
2004: I.O.S. expands again, this time to 20,000 sqft at 3150 Molinaro Street Santa Clara, just 0.5 mile from its birthplace; gain a beautiful lunch room with satellite TV but lose the Ping-Pong table
2008: Acquires long standing Heussner Optics; ios Optics gains exposure while able to carry on HO Inc.'s legacy
2009: Incessant demand for our services means longer hours; tireless crew erects first basketball hoop and arcade game to offer refuge
2010 August
  • We celebrate our great achievements of 2011 by holding inaugural "Employee Appreciate Day"
  • Amelia Moreno wins first place and a iTouch in inaugural I.O.S. Challenge by rolling to a two game combine score of 720 points in Skeet Ball!
  • I.O.S. closes 2010 as a record year!  Greatest growth in a single year EVER!
2011 January
  • Integrated Optical Services Corporation announces their new mark, ios Optics
  • First trade show presence in over 15 years, exhibiting at Photonics West 2011
  • ios Optics celebrates the second annual "Employee Appreciation Day" at AT&T Park.  The team and their families were chartered to Gordon Biersch Brewery where they enjoyed lunch and libations.  Following the luncheon the team was treated to lower level seats and a 8-1 victory by the Giants over the Diamondbacks.
  • ios Optics grows again!  Records highest sales figures in over 10 years.
 2012 Enhances metrology with Wyko RTI-4100 paired to 4D Technology's 4Sight Data Analysis Software

Upgrades to coating equipment to allow for longer more complex coating runs

ios Optics does it again!  Highest sales figures in past 11 years!

 2013 Successfully modified a 36" Strasbaugh lapper to double-sided polisher

ios Optics records best sales month in company history.

 2014 Coating services expanded to include coatings on PMMA & metallic coatings

Launches project to rewrite ios Optics' Quality Manual targeting ISO 9001:2008 certification 

 2015  ios Optics' quality system is certified by DNV to conform to ISO 9001:2008

The return of ios Optics employee appreciation day!  The team cheers on another local team, the San Jose Earthquakes.  What a great time!

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